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Suspended Moments: A True Story


Last Sunday, I entered the gallery about 10:45am finding only Bernie present; it was the only time I have ever nearly been alone in the gallery, and the experience was like no other visit there, there being no distractions…

Trust The Flow by Jonas Gerard

Trust The Flow
36″x72″ Acrylic on Canvas [click for a closer look]

Just as the gallery opened this pre-spring morning, of all the times that I’ve been to it, with the exception of a single attendant, this was the first time that I had been alone in it.  As if truly alone, I wandered through the rooms in the ecstasy of color that was splashed across the walls in a myriad of inconceivable – beyond mental conception or grasp – forms.  Alone and completely undistracted, the artistic expressions throughout the gallery had their way with me.

Life, Love & Passion II by Jonas Gerard

Life, Love & Passion II
48″x48″ Acrylic on Canvas [click for a closer look]

What is this nectar, this intoxication, I wondered, that nova-like, explodes across the canvas, sweeping over and through me, caressing me, enrapturing me, moving me with it…what else but the creative life impulse that swept through the artist, himself, emblazoning his love of the divine on the canvas, and it was being recognized by “me” on some profound interior level. Continue Reading →

Riverview Station Grand Opening

Celebrates Adding A New Gallery with a
Grand Opening Reception & Painting Performance


Light and Color

Jonas Gerard’s new gallery at Riverview Station is the result of the powerful synergies possible when creative growth aligns with a thriving business.  New explorations in flow painting techniques and a love for larger canvases, on top of an already vibrant and extensive body of work, has turned Gerard’s Clingman Avenue location into a cornucopia of color. When it became obvious that his artistic imagination was bigger than the walls of one gallery, the search began for an additional location.


Before and After

Large paintings are where Jonas’ creative spirit soars best.  The new gallery was designed in accordance with Feng Shui concepts, allowing energies to flow and creating the perfect blank canvas for Jonas to explore the nature of creativity, light and color.  Its large walls and performance space are filled with everything from his new flow paintings to landscapes and sculptures.


Warm Art

The grand opening for the 4,700 sq. ft. gallery kicks off on April 12th with the 2nd Saturday Live Painting Performance at 2:00pm, followed by the Opening Reception from 4:00-8:00pm.  Live music, hors d’oeuvres, wine and refreshments paired perfectly with vibrant art will make this a celebration not to be missed.

Together, the Jonas Gerard at Riverview Station and Jonas Gerard on Clingman Avenue galleries will house the fresh new creative rewards of a lifetime spent in art.


Grand Opening April 12th
Live Painting Performance 2:00-3:30pm
Opening Reception 4:00-8:00pm

(828) 350-7711

Jonas Gerard at Riverview Station, 191 Lyman St., Studio #144
Look for the big red doors!

[click here for map]


This Spring is a time of incredible growth for us.  Also in April:

“A Tale of Two Cities”
The Flow Paintings of Jonas Gerard
Opening Reception: April 4, 5-9pm
Artist Talk + Reception: April 5, 5-7pm
Weinberger Fine Art|1800 Baltimore|Kansas City, MO.

Weinberger Fine Art is proud to announce the exhibition of celebrated artist Jonas Gerard. Fresh off his highly successful exhibition hosted by Kansas City’s Truman Medical Center and in conjunction with his newest gallery opening in Asheville, North Carolina, Jonas continues to impress with his unique flow paintings. “A Tale of Two Cities” is meant to highlight and expand the creative energy that now links Kansas City and Asheville through this exceptional artist.

Established in 2008, Weinberger Fine Art grew from a small art consultation business to a thriving art gallery in the heart of the Kansas City Crossroads Art District. Weinberger Fine Art specializes in bringing diverse and fresh art to Kansas City from both emerging and established artists. [click here for more info]

Jonas Gerard at Riverview Station

Jonas expands with an additional River Arts District location

One of the amazing things about being an artist in Asheville is the tremendous synergies that are possible when creative growth aligns with a burgeoning business.  New explorations in flow painting techniques and expanding work with larger canvases, on top of an already vibrant and extensive body of work, has turned Gerard’s Clingman Avenue location into a veritable cornucopia of color.


Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, Business After Hours event

When it became obvious that his artistic imagination was bigger than the walls of Jonas Gerard Fine Art, the search began for an additional location.

Jonas Gerard gallery Riverview Station

Surrounded by color

After looking at many other areas around town, the perfect venue for expansion was found just a stone’s throw away in the River Arts District’s own Riverview Station, studio #144.


Click for Directions

The new location will itself be a blank canvas for Jonas to explore the nature of creativity, light and color.  It’s large walls and performance space soon be filled with everything from his new flow paintings to landscapes, sunsets, large murals and steel sculptures. Together the Jonas Gerard at Clingman Ave. and Jonas Gerard at Riverview Station art spaces will house the fresh new creative rewards of a lifetime spent in art.

CONFLUENCE : A new show

Opening Reception following the 2nd Saturday Live Painting Performance on Saturday October 12th

The Painting Performance starts at 2:00pm and the reception starts at 3:30pm.  The Flow technique will be demonstrated at the painting performance.  CONFLUENCE will be on display through November 11th.


New Painting Techniques

Confluence: noun, a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point, the flowing together of two or more rivers or streams

When multiple currents of creativity move in the same direction, their meeting point becomes a nexus from which something greater flows.  For some time now two such currents have been gathering in Jonas’ artistic headwaters: the urge to create very large paintings and the desire to further explore flow painting.

Jonas Gerard Asheville Art Gallery - Opposites Attract II

OPPOSITES ATTRACT II, 58″x62″ Acrylic on Canvas
[click for a closer look]

Large canvases are where Jonas’ creative spirit soars best.  Reminiscent of his early days as a dancer, his abstract, gestural style is in peak form when his brush has plenty of space to roam, not confined by the canvas’ edge.

Asheville River Arts Distric - Jonas Gerard - Confluence

FLUIDITY #13, 30″x40″ Acrylic on Canvas
[click for a closer look]

The other creative current propelling him has been a call to return to the flow painting techniques he first explored in his 2011 FLUID POETRY show.  Working with fluid acrylics takes him deeper than ever into his philosophy of “letting go”.  Forgoing expectations and control, he allows the colors to find their own paths, and the art that emerges is imbued with that spirit of flowing freedom.

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A Meditative Sunset: Merging #20

Merging #20 sunset available at Jonas Gerard Fine Art Asheville Art Gallery

Merging #20 – 20″x20″ acrylic on linen
[click for a closer look]

Sunset in the meditation garden. The impending twilight has streaked the sky with burnt orange, spice, and golden rays of light flickering through hues of green and blue as if dripping down from the heavens to touch the earth. The carmel drizzled with fresh blue cleanse my soul and give my busy mind nourishment and hope that the night will remain quiet with me inside, and outside, my thoughts.


Detail from Merging #20
[click for a closer look]

The tall green grass is damp as the sun makes places its final kiss on my face before dipping quietly behind the horizon line. It is refreshing. I wonder if nature promises to make another spectacular day on the wings of this cornucopia of color? The quiet and tranquility of this space calms me of my uncertain destiny and gives me strength to move into the darkness ahead with splendor and awe.  Off in the distance the crickets chirp and the sky continues to display more and more color before sinking into a pale gray.

I am intimately aware of my movement in relation to the world. It’s a bit like being watched from those glorious lights above. Am I alone or do others sit where I sit and explore the surrounding environment as I do now? I realize that I can contemplate life on this plane while feeling connection, yet disconnected to time and space around me.

– Professor Michelle Kaye Malsbury, BSBM, MM

Michelle Malsbury

Take A Studio Stroll This Weekend

By Leslie Ehrin

As Asheville’s summertime River Arts District Studio Stroll approaches this weekend, many will take the opportunity to visit Artists’ studios on foot or by trolley.

Jonas Gerard Asheville Art Gallery

One of the most illuminating and transformative places to visit during the Studio Stroll is Jonas Gerard Fine Art Studio and Gallery in the heart of the Asheville River Arts District.  On Saturday and on Sunday, June 8th and 9th at 2:00pm, visitors will be inspired watching Jonas create his transcendent, light filled, colorful, abstract paintings.

Jonas Gerard Asheville Art Gallery audience

Some consider him to be an Expressionist Painter and Tour de Force Performer, but such labels do not accurately describe him or his work. Jonas is as richly colorful as the abstract paintings he creates.

One of his gifts is his ability to communicate with and move others, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, by transmitting inner light, and creativity, through music, paint and canvas.

When he is finished working, his lyrical, luminous, abstract, paintings radiate light that transcends earthly realism, and… they transport the viewer to another place.

How is this possible?

Jonas Gerard Asheville Art Gallery

Some artists look outside and paint what they observe. Jonas looks within. Continue Reading →

River Of Silk – A New Show

Jonas Gerard Asheville Art Gallery River Of Silk

Surrounded By Silk [click for more]

Jonas Gerard is constantly scouting new avenues of expression.  His famous gallery signs stating, “it is ok to touch” speak of and reinforce a love for the tactile elements in art.  It is no surprise then that when a desire to explore gentle, ethereal, dreamy colors and textures arose again, his intuition to add a touch of silk led things in new, unexpected directions.  The soft, luxurious feel of silk, combined with his mastery of the color palette resulted in a tender explosion of warmth.

Rhythm #5 by Jonas Gerard

Rhythm #5
12″x12″ Dye and Paint on Silk [click for a closer look]

Working with silk requires a totally new process, taking the artist far outside his comfort zone into the realm where every step is a fresh discovery.  While silk paint is still used for accents, the majority of color in these works comes from dyes.  They react very differently than other paints, unleashing a unique expressive space similar to watercolors. Expanded techniques using water, wax, alcohol and other alchemical ingredients brought forth a vibrant array of organic patterns. Whether in an abstract or landscape, the colors created their own relationships, where happy accidents danced across the silk and the artist was simultaneously the cause of, and joyous witness to, hundreds of tiny miracles.

Asheville Art Gallery - Jonas Gerard Painting Performance

The Beautiful Process Of Silk Painting


River Of Silk is an exciting show highlighting Jonas’ explorations of this new direction.  He has journeyed far up this river and has returned with a gallery full of wonders.  Large works where pastel washes of color provide the backdrop for graceful strokes and splashes live alongside numerous small works, each providing a unique window into this magical realm.  Hand-painted silk scarves round out the collection, allowing art lovers to wrap themselves or a loved one in a soft, silky river of color. Continue Reading →

Transpositional Trajectory

Transpositional Trajectory - 36"x36" Acrylic on Canvas

Transpositional Trajectory
36″x36″ Acrylic on Canvas [click for a closer look]

My love affair with art began early in life but the medium was the natural world. Flowers, rocks, sand and water held instant appeal. My confidence to discuss created art didn’t come until I was grown. I have discovered that there is great freedom in having an opinion. There is a sustaining joy in spending time with a painting and reflecting on how and why I react to the piece.

This, for me, is one of the beautiful values of art. The works provide an opportunity to enter a very personal space where I learn about myself. Sometimes I am surprised at what I like, at what I do not like, at how I feel. And then, if the works are of an enduring quality, that reaction can be experienced again and again.

Transitional Trajectory by Jonas Gerard in dining room

Through the magic of photoshop, we see it hung in a dining room.
Imagine it in your home.


One afternoon Jonas created Transpositional Trajectory. For weeks he had been painting sumptuous, flowing silk pieces and in true Jonas style, this piece is a total departure from that feel. I am grounded by the strong blocks of color and yet tickled by the fanciful section in the center. There is security in the embracing red, yellow, and brown stripes while the open black field promises the freedom to float. Continue Reading →

Gallery Talk with Jonas

Jonas Gerard in the Gallery

Jonas enjoys talking about art

[Ed. Note: We get many wonderful tour groups visiting the our Asheville art gallery.  The following is a transcription of a recent talk Jonas gave to one such group of avid art lovers during a visit facilitated by The Mosaix Group.]

What I’d like to emphasize is that in this gallery, we are very much into not doing things like everybody else.  We’re very much into making the art form, the concept of art, very accessible and available in a way that awakens something inside of you.

I want people to really be relaxed.  To be open and receptive say, “oh my God, there’s something about this painting!” or, “I hate this,”  “I love that,” “Gee, what is this made with?  Oh, it’s okay to touch!  Oh, good.”

Trolley Tours

When in Asheville, Trolley Tours are a great way to visit Jonas Gerard Fine Art.

I really want to convey the fact that there’s no such thing as art without love.  Art without love is not art.  It’s decoration.  It’s prettiness.  Looking good.  There’s a whole list – but it’s not art.  Art equals fearless love.  When love is fearless and when the energy comes through the artist without holding back – putting out everything that his or her life is all about, what comes out is inevitably great art.  And if you want to see it, it’s in every museum in the world.  When I go there, I don’t care what it is.  I’m just so moved.

For me painting is not a mental process.  If you already know what a painting is going to look like, then what’s the point?  Art is about discovery.  This is what Picasso said.  Art is about discovering the spirit.  Of what that looks like when it’s left un-held back and it’s allowed to flow out.  And when it comes out, it’s just mind-blowing.

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