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Riverview Station Grand Opening

Celebrates Adding A New Gallery with a
Grand Opening Reception & Painting Performance


Light and Color

Jonas Gerard’s new gallery at Riverview Station is the result of the powerful synergies possible when creative growth aligns with a thriving business.  New explorations in flow painting techniques and a love for larger canvases, on top of an already vibrant and extensive body of work, has turned Gerard’s Clingman Avenue location into a cornucopia of color. When it became obvious that his artistic imagination was bigger than the walls of one gallery, the search began for an additional location.


Before and After

Large paintings are where Jonas’ creative spirit soars best.  The new gallery was designed in accordance with Feng Shui concepts, allowing energies to flow and creating the perfect blank canvas for Jonas to explore the nature of creativity, light and color.  Its large walls and performance space are filled with everything from his new flow paintings to landscapes and sculptures.


Warm Art

The grand opening for the 4,700 sq. ft. gallery kicks off on April 12th with the 2nd Saturday Live Painting Performance at 2:00pm, followed by the Opening Reception from 4:00-8:00pm.  Live music, hors d’oeuvres, wine and refreshments paired perfectly with vibrant art will make this a celebration not to be missed.

Together, the Jonas Gerard at Riverview Station and Jonas Gerard on Clingman Avenue galleries will house the fresh new creative rewards of a lifetime spent in art.


Grand Opening April 12th
Live Painting Performance 2:00-3:30pm
Opening Reception 4:00-8:00pm

(828) 350-7711

Jonas Gerard at Riverview Station, 191 Lyman St., Studio #144
Look for the big red doors!

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This Spring is a time of incredible growth for us.  Also in April:

“A Tale of Two Cities”
The Flow Paintings of Jonas Gerard
Opening Reception: April 4, 5-9pm
Artist Talk + Reception: April 5, 5-7pm
Weinberger Fine Art|1800 Baltimore|Kansas City, MO.

Weinberger Fine Art is proud to announce the exhibition of celebrated artist Jonas Gerard. Fresh off his highly successful exhibition hosted by Kansas City’s Truman Medical Center and in conjunction with his newest gallery opening in Asheville, North Carolina, Jonas continues to impress with his unique flow paintings. “A Tale of Two Cities” is meant to highlight and expand the creative energy that now links Kansas City and Asheville through this exceptional artist.

Established in 2008, Weinberger Fine Art grew from a small art consultation business to a thriving art gallery in the heart of the Kansas City Crossroads Art District. Weinberger Fine Art specializes in bringing diverse and fresh art to Kansas City from both emerging and established artists. [click here for more info]

Jonas Gerard at Riverview Station

Jonas expands with an additional River Arts District location

One of the amazing things about being an artist in Asheville is the tremendous synergies that are possible when creative growth aligns with a burgeoning business.  New explorations in flow painting techniques and expanding work with larger canvases, on top of an already vibrant and extensive body of work, has turned Gerard’s Clingman Avenue location into a veritable cornucopia of color.


Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, Business After Hours event

When it became obvious that his artistic imagination was bigger than the walls of Jonas Gerard Fine Art, the search began for an additional location.

Jonas Gerard gallery Riverview Station

Surrounded by color

After looking at many other areas around town, the perfect venue for expansion was found just a stone’s throw away in the River Arts District’s own Riverview Station, studio #144.


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The new location will itself be a blank canvas for Jonas to explore the nature of creativity, light and color.  It’s large walls and performance space soon be filled with everything from his new flow paintings to landscapes, sunsets, large murals and steel sculptures. Together the Jonas Gerard at Clingman Ave. and Jonas Gerard at Riverview Station art spaces will house the fresh new creative rewards of a lifetime spent in art.

The Jonas Gerard 2014 Fine Art Calendar

A Time For Art

“A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.”  – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Art is not something to be locked away in fancy rooms and saved for special occasions.  It’s something to be enjoyed every day, enriching our lives on every level.  It was towards this goal that Jonas embarked on the creation of his first calendar in 2013, featuring a broad selection of paintings drawn from the many styles and periods of his 50-year career.


Time has a funny way of playing serendipitous tricks on us all though.  When the time came to choose art for his 2014 calendar, Jonas was undergoing a tremendous shift in his painting style.  It became obvious that the 2014 calendar was a perfect medium to commemorate this new path: the only problem was that he was still in the midst of creating it.

Jonas Gerard 2014 Fine Art Calendar

Energized by this fresh direction, the result was an outpouring of new art. CONFLUENCE, a show of his new large flow paintings sprung from this same creative well.  Choosing the calendar images from this artistic avalanche was a daunting task, and some paintings were photographed and added to the calendar design before the paint was dry.

 Jonas Gerard 2014 Calendar color check

The next task was to find a printer with the quality, experience, technology and artistic sensitivity needed to translate the magic of Jonas’ paintings into the commercial printing process.  We were lucky enough to find one in our own backyard. Blue Ridge Printing has worked for over thirty years to build a reputation amongst the top commercial printers in the United States. Their facility being located in Asheville made it easy for Jonas and staff to work closely with them to fine-tune the calendar design, and keep things local!

Printing PRess

The resulting calendar captures the spirit of Jonas’ new works and is the perfect way to let art flow into every day of the coming year.

The Jonas Gerard 2014 Calendar is available at Jonas Gerard Fine Art, or online at jonasgerard.com

CONFLUENCE : A new show

Opening Reception following the 2nd Saturday Live Painting Performance on Saturday October 12th

The Painting Performance starts at 2:00pm and the reception starts at 3:30pm.  The Flow technique will be demonstrated at the painting performance.  CONFLUENCE will be on display through November 11th.


New Painting Techniques

Confluence: noun, a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point, the flowing together of two or more rivers or streams

When multiple currents of creativity move in the same direction, their meeting point becomes a nexus from which something greater flows.  For some time now two such currents have been gathering in Jonas’ artistic headwaters: the urge to create very large paintings and the desire to further explore flow painting.

Jonas Gerard Asheville Art Gallery - Opposites Attract II

OPPOSITES ATTRACT II, 58″x62″ Acrylic on Canvas
[click for a closer look]

Large canvases are where Jonas’ creative spirit soars best.  Reminiscent of his early days as a dancer, his abstract, gestural style is in peak form when his brush has plenty of space to roam, not confined by the canvas’ edge.

Asheville River Arts Distric - Jonas Gerard - Confluence

FLUIDITY #13, 30″x40″ Acrylic on Canvas
[click for a closer look]

The other creative current propelling him has been a call to return to the flow painting techniques he first explored in his 2011 FLUID POETRY show.  Working with fluid acrylics takes him deeper than ever into his philosophy of “letting go”.  Forgoing expectations and control, he allows the colors to find their own paths, and the art that emerges is imbued with that spirit of flowing freedom.

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A Meditative Sunset: Merging #20

Merging #20 sunset available at Jonas Gerard Fine Art Asheville Art Gallery

Merging #20 – 20″x20″ acrylic on linen
[click for a closer look]

Sunset in the meditation garden. The impending twilight has streaked the sky with burnt orange, spice, and golden rays of light flickering through hues of green and blue as if dripping down from the heavens to touch the earth. The carmel drizzled with fresh blue cleanse my soul and give my busy mind nourishment and hope that the night will remain quiet with me inside, and outside, my thoughts.


Detail from Merging #20
[click for a closer look]

The tall green grass is damp as the sun makes places its final kiss on my face before dipping quietly behind the horizon line. It is refreshing. I wonder if nature promises to make another spectacular day on the wings of this cornucopia of color? The quiet and tranquility of this space calms me of my uncertain destiny and gives me strength to move into the darkness ahead with splendor and awe.  Off in the distance the crickets chirp and the sky continues to display more and more color before sinking into a pale gray.

I am intimately aware of my movement in relation to the world. It’s a bit like being watched from those glorious lights above. Am I alone or do others sit where I sit and explore the surrounding environment as I do now? I realize that I can contemplate life on this plane while feeling connection, yet disconnected to time and space around me.

- Professor Michelle Kaye Malsbury, BSBM, MM

Michelle Malsbury

Sweeping Gestures

Very often, the quest for expression leads to exploration not just of new media, but to new tools.

“Sweeping Gestures”, new abstract art by Jonas Gerard, explores the energy and textures made possible when using whisk brooms as brushes.


Visceral Shout #2 – 54″x76″ Acrylic on Canvas
[click for a closer look]

“My eyes are open to all influences from the worlds of art, nature and beyond.  To force all that through a narrow funnel and limit myself to one style would be to limit creativity itself; I can’t do that.   I create art in a multitude of styles and media because that is the way I experience life.  Abstracts, Landscapes, Mixed Media, Silks, Sculpture… I must live a life of eclectic creativity or be consumed by the creative fire.”  – Jonas Gerard

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Starving Artist? I Think Not!

I constantly hear people refer to themselves as a “Starving Artist”.  I would like to go on record as saying it’s an overused and miscomprehended phrase.  If you are an artist in the true sense of the word, then you can never be starving.  In fact, we are so full we’re bursting out on to canvas!


“Galaxy Song 9&10 diptych”
[click for a closer look]

We are running a full service, five star restaurant with an all you can eat buffet of creative juices and colorful pallets and people are lined up around the block for a taste.  Starving, you say?  I think not.


Painting Performance Audience

When people, who are not artists, refer to artists as starving, they are referring to a lack of income.  Ok.  I get that.  But do you really want to measure a truly magical and meaningful field of work in dollars?  You would never refer to a Buddhist monk as a “Starving Meditator”, or Mother Theresa as a “Starving Saint”.  People can understand that their paths are different and they are fed and sustained by something other than money. Read More…

Art Is Alive

We were very honored to have Jonas’ daughter, the painter and art professor Mira Gerard, join us for the June 2013 River Arts District Studio Stroll.  As a special bonus to the Saturday painting performance, she gave a fascinating talk about ongoing vitality of painting and other art forms. Reminiscing about growing up in an artistic family, surrounded by the artist’s tools, she elaborated on and celebrated her father’s open sharing of the artistic process through painting performances.

Her ideas centered on the transformative, primary, physical nature of painting and drew examples from 50,000 year old cave paintings to the works Jonas was creating there, in the moment.  Her talk added a fresh new dimension to an already exciting painting performance.

After seeing her works on display here in her 2012 show, River Of Forgetting, it was very enlightening to have a chance to experience another aspect of her artistic identity.

Jonas Gerard Asheville Art Gallery crowd



“Uncertainty is a great blessing, if you can flow with it. If you’re stuck on your determination… on your outcome… then uncertainty doesn’t have a chance and miracles can’t happen”.  – Jonas Gerard

Every traveler at some point learns the lesson that the most enjoyable trips tend to be the ones where the final destination is loose, and there are no timetables or agendas binding us… where a back road side-trip leads to the discovery of a fabulous waterfall or mountain vista.  When you learn to flow with that level of freedom, the shift you create in yourself opens the door to discovery.

Jonas’ art explores the lessons of uncertainty. His recent work with silks and dyes in particular involved an unprecedented degree of letting go of planned outcomes.  When working with the liquid colors he has become a master not of controlling them, but in finding the beauty hidden in them when they meet the silk.


Dream Sequence #4 – 30″x30″ dye and paint on silk
[click for a closer look]

His recent Fluid Poetry series is another example.  Taking the courageous leap to paint without brushes, these acrylic paintings were created with fluid acrylics in squeeze bottles and watered-down acrylic paint poured onto the canvas. They are shining examples of the freedom in which they were born.


Confluence – 40″x60″ Acrylic on Canvas
[click for a closer look]

The creative spirit can’t survive for long when nailed down.  This serendipity… this embracing of uncertainty is the essence of creativity. Read More…